1. How many times a day can I use the product?

The recommendation is to use OCUhyl C artificial tears 1-3 times a day, 1 drop. But if you feel the discomfort in eyes frequent, OCUhyl C can also be used more often.

2. How long can I use OCUhyl C after opening?

OCUhyl C can be used up to 3 months after opening. We recommend you write the date of first opening of the product at the intended location on the box.

3. Why is this product better than „usual“ artificial tears?

OCUhyl C contains hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate, which has a very strong ability to retain water. It can bind up to 1000 times its weight water. So it prevents the tears from evaporating from the eye surface. It also helps to promote renewal of eye epithelium. Beside hyaluronic acid, it contains natural marigold extract which has protective, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on eye epithelium.

4. I have the opposit situation than dry eyes – stinging and wattery eyes. Could OCUhyl C help me?

Yes, actually, over-watery eyes are also a sign of dry eye syndrome, but with different manifestation. Tear film is made of 3 layers, mucus layer, watery layer and lipid layer. When lipid layer isn’t created enough (through Meibomian glands), the reflected reaction of eye is to create more tears, and they are not able to stay in eyes, due to lack of lipid layer. Hyaluronic acid binds the water and keeps it inside the eyes, so OCUhyl C helps with this kind of problem.

5. Can it be used as artificial tears after surgery?

Yes, OCUhyl C can be used, and is often recommended to be used after surgery, because of its protective properties on eye surface.

6. Can OCUhyl C be used as artificial tears for contact lenses?

Yes, OCUhyl C is suitable for person who wear contact lenses, since it doesn’t contain any preservatives, and is very gentle to eyes. 

7. Does OCUhyl C contain preservatives?

No, OCUhyl C is a completely preservative free artificial tear. It has a specially designed bottle with a system which prevents the air to come in any contact with the product inside the bottle – so in that way the bacterial contamination and spoilage of product is prevented.

8. I have glaucoma and I use eye drops as an every day therapy. Can I also use OCUhyl C?

Yes, OCUhyl C can be used with other therapy, especially with glaucoma therapy, the only condition is to wait for at least 5 minutes between administrations of different products.