Privacy policy

Administrator & Scope of Personal Data

By consenting to the processing of personal data, the person concerned shall authorize UNIMED PHARMA, spol. s r.o., Oriešková 11, 821 05 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, IČO: 31367216 (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator"), pursuant to Act no. 18/2018 Z. z. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts (the Personal Data Protection Act) processed the personal data of the person concerned:

  • your first and last name
  • company name
  • address
  • email
  • phone number

Processing of Personal Data

By consenting to the processing of personal data, the person concerned gives his explicit consent to the processing of the above data. You can accept consent at any time, for example by sending an email or sending a contact details management company.

The name, surname, company name, address, phone number and email must be processed for business purposes with the data provider. These data will be processed by the Administrator indefinitely.

  • The processing of personal data is performed by the Administrator.
  • Personal data may also be processed by the web host provider: WEDOS Internet, a.s., Masarykova 1230, 373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou, Česká republika
  • Data is not provided to another processor

Rights to fix, forget, and access the person’s personal information

Please note that under the Personal Data Protection Act, the person concerned is entitled to:

  • take approval at any time,
  • ask us to know what your personal data is processing,
  • request an explanation from us regarding the processing of personal data,
  • request a listing of these data and let them update or correct,
  • request us to delete this personal information.

If you have any doubts about compliance with personal data processing requirements, please contact us or the Privacy Office.